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Octomom Before and After Photos


The lengths one would go to in resembling a celebrity is downright strange and it simply defines reasoning. Her obsessiveness to look like movie star Angelina Jolie was big enough to make the headlines but it never would have made the headlines if it weren’t for another asinine Reality TV show that turned a nobody into the greatest extent of the word, a top name for a window of time about the length of a millisecond. Octomom plastic surgery will take you into a story that well…shouldn’t have ever been a story.


Born on July 11, 1975, Nadya Suleman became an overnight sensation as TV’s, “Octomom”, it was a show about a woman who was basically out of her mind but she happened to beare octuplets, therefore it was ok to spectate on such a lowly specimen and being human as we are, we love to see tragedies unfold, involving others who are less fortunate of mind. That was the Octomom, she had her time and place and the world has since moved on from it.

It certainly hasn’t been kept under the rug that Suleiman had quite the fan crush on Angelina Jolie. So much so that she paid good money to have a series of plastic surgery procedures done so that she could look like the A-list actress.

Drastic Change

She had a serious lip augmentation, Botox injections, Rhinoplasty and a breast augmentation. To start out, her lips clearly look like she walked in to the surgeons office with about twenty pictures of Jolie making sure that no stone was left unturned as she saw her very strange desire through. Her lips are virtually huge and plump. They may look fine on Jolie but Octomom it resembles a very unnatural surgery. In addition Her breast got considerably bigger and rounder.

Her nose was given the longer bridge effect similar to Jolie as well, revealing an actual part of the surgery that didn’t really turn out so bad. Her nose looks well proportioned and simply skillfully done.

15 Minutes of Fame

Word has it that Suleman may just very well be headed back to go under the knife again, not quite knowing if she may be on the lookout for corrective surgery.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Botox
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty

Reality Sitcom

Octomom plastic surgery frankly came out looking pretty strange…. The moral of the story is this, the lesson is the dire consequences that can sometimes come from an over abundance of plastic surgery. The consequence are Nadya Suleman.