Mckenzie Westmore Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 23, 2017 @ 8:56 pm

Mckenzie Westmore Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Considered one of the greatest talents of her generation, Mckenzie Westmore is an actress and a singer, one of which is beyond compare. Her breakthrough came in 2008, in the television soap “All My Children” and ever since, she has garnered the kind of acclaim that few female television stars ever get to achieve. Her beauty is undeniable and even though she is still considered relatively young, sitting at 38 years old, she is at the head of plastic surgery rumors. So, is there any truth behind Mckenzie Westmore plastic surgery? Let’s find out below:

The rumor mill has been turning and the speculations have seriously been spreading regarding the beautiful star and her possible usage of cosmetic surgery. The story surrounding it and the details are a little sparse at the moment, but as with any of these type of rumors, the truth eventually comes to pass.

Not Too Much to Go On

There really isn’t much to take from her before and after pic’s, but often when these types of photo’s make it through the gauntlet of the internet, they are typically photoshopped to look like the celebrity has make noticeable physical changes.

After hearing the speculations, Westmore promptly spoke up regarding what she feels is baseless, negative press. She stated that, “I never thought I would find myself at the center of such hideous criticism and dumbfounding notions regarding me and the act of lowering myself into acquiring any type of plastic surgery”.

Speaking Her Mind

She continued on topic, pointing out things like jealousy and bitterness, especially coming from people who only wish they could be in her position. “The reality is, I am a very warm-hearted individual and no matter how hard I try I can never quite please everybody and it just comes down to the nature of the beast/business.”

There really hasn’t been many indicators about what procedures the actress received, but according to some of the professionals, if anything, she more than likely received botox injections in her lips, double eyelid surgery and even a possible breast augmentation. It truly is a mixed bag and at this point it’s anybody’s guess.

Anybody’s Guess

Just by scanning her recent pic’s you can see a definite change in her cup size and a sure-fire plumpness in her lips which was never there before. However, it would really require a trained eye or even a polygraph for that matter to tell whether or not she did in fact receive any sort of procedures.

Westmore’s breast seem to appear larger in some pic’s but then degrees in others, much of that likely has to do with weight fluctuations but as it stands, there is no real solid evidence at the moment.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Botox Injections
  • Double Eyelid Surgery
  • Breast Augmentation

Likely Just Speculation

So what it really looks like is that Mckenzie Westmore plastic surgery probably very well might be a hoax or even just an over exaggeration. Nonetheless, many people within the biz and on the outside appreciate the actress for speaking her mind and letting people know that rumors are simply the wrong way to go about things because feelings simply get hurt in the process.