Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery

Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Jennifer Ann “Jenny” McCarthy on the 1st of November, 1972 in Evergreen Park, Illinois. She is an American celebrity who has assumed many roles in the entertainment industry. She has proved that she is not just another pretty face in Hollywood, by taking up more assertive roles. She is a model, actress, television host, author, anti-vaccine activist and a comedian. She started her career when she was only twenty one years old. She worked as a nude model for “Playboy” magazine. She then became the “Playmate” of the year. She is the brain behind many popular parenting books, most likely encouraged by her solid upbringing.  She was raised in a Catholic family by her mother Linda, who was a housewife and a courtroom custodian, and her father Dan, who worked as a foreman in a steel mill.

“You totally value and respect your body as you get older. “

Plastic Surgery Speculations

The actress is one of the extremely attractive females in the industry famed with graceful aging. She has been open about her love for plastic surgery and how it comes in handy for her line of work. She appreciates the need for a youthful look and also respects the too little rule of surgery. It is believed that she uses Botox minimally to keep her face free of wrinkles. It has also been rumored that she has had her boobs done more than once. As model, the need to have a stunning figure is very high and this could be a motivating factor in her decision to work on her feminine curve.

Botox and Breast Implants

Botox is non invasive and on top of the most common procedures for celebrities looking to reverse the aging process. Although highly addictive, it is a quick fix solution to wrinkles. Jenny has managed to maintain a disciplined relationship with this procedure. She has openly stated that she loves Botox and uses it minimally. However, she has insinuated that she may go for a more permanent solution. Clearly, the actress is playing it safe for her own good. Celebrities who have overindulged in Botox have had to live with regrets.

It is also speculated that she has breast augmentation a total of three times. Having once worked as a nude model, she had an already full cup, but went for a bigger size. Turns out this did not work well for her, and she went for the procedure two more times to get the right size. At her age, all her feminine curves are still in the right places and the current boob job has only enhanced her natural beauty. She has not directly confirmed this procedure, but has also implied that she intends for her boobs to look bigger and better, equating herself to the veteran actress Joan Rivers.

Surgery Results

At the age of 43, the actress boasts rejuvenated facial skin with a youthful radiance. She also has a smashing figure, partially in part to her firm boobs. She has openly stated that she aspires to look better with age and with her moderate engagement, she will have her wishes granted.