ashley benson boob job

Ashley Benson Boob Job Before and After Photos

Well, as it stands, the word that is out regarding Ashley Benson boob job and if any one is surprised, that would be the surprise in itself. Recently there had been some before and after pics which have made their way and have opened a case of the almost certain reality surrounding her slightly speculated procedure. The pics depict Benson strolling along a beach in Maui and what had been perceived is quite an appearance change in the sight of her breast. The photos were a little on the explicit side and what the pictures have relayed to us was that Benson and her breast were a tad bit on the hanging out side of things.

“People will make mean comments. People are going to say that you’re fat, that you’re this, that you’re that. You just have to be comfortable in your own skin.”

The other pics presented were her and her friend lounging along the shore, drinks in hand and a greater glimpse of those particular elements which were bouncing a bit too far out. What this has done is two things, one being that teenage boys just had their week made and the other is that the media began its by-the-numbers information hunt over whether or not Benson really did in fact fly under the radar directing itself right under the knife.

The Bust Route

Who can deny the stellar body that Ashley employs, which is nothing new but it was the changes in the bust that took the crowd and the entire media by storm. What is funny is that Benson apparently got wind of the attention as to which she had been receiving, so she quickly covered herself up accordingly and took on the identity of a more bashful beach comber.

Even though it appears as of the obvious, in respect to the actuality of her procedure, the media still reached out to her and her people to try and make a confirmation on whether or not the rumors are of the absolute truth. There were direct attempts at Benson herself and what it surmounted to is the same result, no comment.

Judging the Book

This actually does happen to be Ashley’s first risque photo ever captured by the ever pursuing hands of the paparazzi, so it somewhat kind of comes as a bit of a surprise but when you identify the precise nature of Benson, you simply wouldn’t put it past her. It is common knowledge to never judge a book by its cover but she just has that certain something and demeanor of an individual who may easily become swayed into the temptations of cosmetic surgery.

Even though for some, the act of being caught as a person who has officially undergone a procedure can be presumably be embarrassing and present the person in questionable and distasteful light. You’d be surprised, many celebrities who have gone under fire with allegations of plastic surgery typically never put a whole lot of emotional investment into it.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation

Career not Slowed Down a Bit

Ashley Benson boob Job, even though it was never officially addressed as fact, never once was put into question whether or not there was a bitter individual who was at the heart of rumor spreading. Her career hasn’t appeared to lose any steam but if there was anything to come about out of this case, it was that teenage boys had to free up a little space on their wall.