Kimberly Guilfoyle Plastic Surgery

Kimberly Guilfoyle Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 9th of March 1969 in San Francisco. Her mother was of Puerto Rican ancestry and her father was of Irish ancestry. She is an American cable news anchor. She has worked with several news channels including the Fox News Channel where she worked as a Co-host for the Five program. She grew up in Mission District and Westlake. She graduated from the Mercy High School. Her mother worked as a special education trainer and her father was a real estate investor and also an advisor to Newson when he was Mayor. She lost her mother to Leukemia.

Plastic Surgery Speculation

The television personality is among the very famous people in America. She has been linked to several high profiled individuals and inevitably became high profiled. As it is tradition, a woman as beautiful ad as famous as her is bound to attract speculations of all manner. Her physique has undergone major transformation leading to cosmetic surgery rumors. It is believed that she has worked on her boobs in order to improve her feminine curve. Additionally, it is rumored that she may have benefited from a nip and a tuck on her face. She looks the same like she did few years ago suggesting that she may be benefiting from anti aging procedures. Although this is not the readily talked about of her surgeries, the speculated facial procedures have placed her high on the radar.

Breast Implants and the Facials

The American news personality was once relatively flat chested. Growth of boobs is a natural process for a woman in her formative years but when the process occurs all of a sudden, breast implants are the first suspect. Kimberly grew DD cups all of a sudden. Her full, firm and round cup size has convinced critics that she went for silicone implants. This procedure is rated as the number one most common procedure among women in Hollywood. Luckily for her, everything went well and she now boasts of a full cup which augers well with her hips.

It is also speculated that she has engaged in a few facial procedures. Her face is smooth and free of wrinkles. At the age of 46, her face is always radiating with youthfulness. Exercise, proper eating habits and anti aging creams have been used by some celebrities to reverse the aging process. However, these procedures are less effective compared to plastic surgery. Amazing results as seen with Kimberly Guifoyle plastic surgery are highly suggestive of cosmetic surgery.

Surgery Results

She is among the most beautiful celebrities whose beauty has been further enhanced by plastic surgery. Her boob job was excellently done and thus she has the most amazing feminine curve. Women who go for boob jobs not only seek to enhance their figures but also boost their self confidence. It is not doubt that Kimberly is more confident of herself since she carries herself with the highest of self esteem. The speculated facials have also reduced the effect of time of her face while maintaining her natural beauty.