Rexella Van Impe Plastic Surgery

Rexella Van Impe Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Through several decades of providing the nation with the very finest in evangelism, Rexella Van Impe is still running strong and doing what she does best. It is hard to believe too, because the television personality is 83 years old and typically at that age people tend to wear down. The thing is though, with such a powerful message a person needs to be at their very best and most coherent. One element of Van Impe which never goes unnoticed is her beauty, her long blond locks and stoic presence have always been a staple for quite sometime now. This is why it kind of comes as a shock that Rexella Van Impe plastic surgery has hit digital newsstands everywhere and has also gathered so much attention since word first got out.

Now it shouldn’t be too surprising that a woman who is at such an advanced age, who is also in the limelight would seek cosmetic treatments to prolong her career. What is so hard to believe is that she is within an industry which surrounds itself around religion and Christianity and usually for individuals who are heavily religious, they don’t acquire any type of cosmetic procedures.

Is It a Reality?

For her fans, the news is a little bit on the depressing side because they see her as something pure and without need of such things which delve so deeply into vanity. The speculations regard the possibility that she had received a rhinoplasty, facial reconstruction and even a possible breast augmentation.

Recent photo’s of Van Impe reveal some clearly noticeable changes, especially in her nose. The bridge of her nose looks considerably more narrow than it has pretty much ever has and you can also see the focus turn to the nostrils at the very base, revealing a leaner yet fuller flare. The work looks absolutely five-star and if she ever fesses up about the reality of her new look, hopefully she will drop a line regarding who her surgeon was.

Leaner, Trimmer Face

Why it looks like she may have received a facial reconstruction is because her face used to exude a much fuller, more supple appearance and the by checking out the before and after’s, it shows a face which has been trimmed down and leaned out.

Van Impe has yet to make any comments about the reality surrounding these speculations and her producers whom are normally very open towards making comments have totally stayed mum. Fans are in somewhat of an uproar because in their heart they know that Van Impe is far from the type to ever even think about such a thing.

Speculated procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Breast Augmentation

Changes Hard to Deny

Rexella Van Impe plastic surgery looks to a matter of the truth and whether or not her fans like it or understand it, it is a definite reality. Hopefully down the road she will start talking about the story because the physical changes in her latest pic’s are hard to deny. The church community will be in an uproar when they even think that one of their most favorite evangelist could have partook in plastic surgery matters but when it comes to Van Impe, they will always be accepting.