Park Shin-hye Plastic Surgery

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Numerous actresses in South Korea are undergoing various plastic surgery operations these days and it looks as if you can count Park Shin Hye as one of them. It simply takes a little bit of a glance at some of the before and afters which have been making the rounds online to see that Park Shin Hye plastic surgery has most certainly the right trappings to present itself as a more than likely possibility.

Her eyes appear to be much wider than they have in the past and her nose looks to have been thinned out, presenting a bit of a pointy quality to it and even her facial skin appears softened a bit. There are fans out there who have voiced disappointment that the natural beauty for which she is so renowned for is slowly fading.

A Few Speculated procedures for Shin Hye

The specific procedures that come into question are a facelift, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. Her case especially has been highlighted considerably more than others on the likes of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook but even with the extra coverage on those particular sites, all that exist is a simple denial from Shin Hye. Just by looking at them though it really is clearly obvious that she had acquired some work, even if in the slightest.

The speculated facial changes for which she has supposedly obtained show a face that looks to have received a slight amount of sculpting throughout. Where there used to be baby fat, say around the jaw area, appears considerably more trimmer than before.

Maybe a Matter of Maturing?

What people have to remember though, is that she is still a maturing woman and these changes in particular could very well be due to matters of physical growth. There is nothing in her most current pictures that would state automatically that she indeed underwent a facial construction but it is also a good possibility at the very same time.

Now the one particular procedure that the fans and general public have had the most focus on is the supposed Rhinoplasty. Her nose was in by no means ever bulbous but it wasn’t what you would consider thin or fine either, just an average nose. Her latest pictures however, reveals a nose that is highly slim and very noticeably narrowed at the very tip.

Procedures Likely Done

The work that was executed was done very nicely and in a very professional manner but, once again we are here to clarify whether or not she had undergone a plastic surgery operation and the answer looks like a clear and definitive yes.

Her eyelids as stated above look much wider than before, which obviously points to an eyelid procedure that so many actresses of Asian descent obtain to simply accommodate a specific look that works well for film and television. Nothing too dramatic here but you can safely say that once again, the procedure was carried out very well.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid Surgery

Good Work All-Across the Board

Park Shin Hye plastic surgery looks to be of the usual sort that many South Korean actresses typically assume to stay within the lines of what the public likes to look at. Wide eyes, thin nose, almost a bit of an anime quality to their appearance that has become mega-popular. Good work accomplished on all fronts.