Katherine Heigl Plastic Surgery

Katherine Heigl Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Katherine Marie Heigl on the 24th of November 1978 in West End Washington D.C. She is an American film producer, actress and a fashion model. She is famous for portraying the role of Izzie Stevens in the famous television series Grey Anatomy. This was also her first award winning role which earned her an Emmy Primetime award for the outstanding Supporting actress in a drama series. She comes from a family of four with her being the youngest. She lost her brother to a road accident. She is the daughter to Paul and Nancy Heigl who work as Financial Executive and accountant and personnel manager respectively. She began her career in the entertainment field as a child model and later ventured into acting.

“I’m never satisfied with the way I look.”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

She was blessed with the looks and a body most women would kill for. This, together with her soaring career has made her the centre of attention. As it is the case with most celebrities, she has been placed under the microscope for possible cosmetic procedures. It is argued that the few changes she has undergone may be as a result of going under the knife. However, you should not forget that as a celebrity who was introduced in the media at a very tender age, these changes could be normal growth changes. She has not reacted to the trending speculations living critics to engage in a hot argument on what she may or may not have done to her body.

Breast Implants, Nose Job and Chin Implants

It is rumored that the actress may have gone for silicone implants to increase her cup size. A comparison of her before and after photos reveal the difference but there is little evidence to prove that it was as a result of cosmetic surgery. Her boobs are full, firm and round, it could be due to wearing pushup bras, proper fitting bras or good genes. The actress does not readily show the usual markers of a boob job which includes a sudden increase in cup size. This has led to mixed reactions from her fans most of who believe that Heigl is a natural beauty.

She has also been thought to have her nose done. The ridge of her nose looks slender but it is also not very different form her previous nose. This could be the working of makeup. The partial transformation of the shape and size of the nose is possible with proper makeup application techniques; this is according to professional makeup artists in the field.

It has also been observed that her chin looks a bit different. Chin implant procedures are for those seeking to reconstruct their faces and have an oval face.

Surgery Results

There isn’t much evidence to prove that the actress has actually gone under the knife. However, this does not completely erase the possibility. If she did, she must have had the surgeon perform them subtly to erase strong evidence. Considering that she was introduced in the industry before her formative years, what you see could be a woman who has naturally developed from a young girl into a mature and attractive woman.